PROMOTE WBL multiplier event in Thessaloniki

Work-based learning in Europe: supporting teacher’s role, PROMOTE WBL multiplier event was organised by EfVET and Creative Alliance, UK proved a great success with some 40 or so participants drawn from the 240 delegates from over 24 countries attending the EfVET Annual International Conference. This pre-Conference event provided an opportunity to share the work of the Promote WBL partnership in developing the training programme to support more effective work based learning opportunities for young people across Europe.

A brief introduction to the workshop / seminar by Peter Hodgson (Projects Manager, EfVET) linked the projects aims and objectives to the wider policy objectives of the European Commission and reviewed the synergy with other initiatives such as the European Alliance for Apprenticeship and the work of CEDEFOP. It was noted that this project and its training programme would contribute to the primary goal of expanding opportunities through work based learning set out in the recent Riga Declaration.

Noel Dunne (Director of Creative Alliance, Uk and Carl Quinn, Project Co-ordinator shared with participants the work undertaken so far in the projects timeframe concentrating on the Intellectual Output related to the development of the training programme modules. The primary target audience for this would be VET Teachers and Trainers providing a tool kit and resources to support young people making the most of Work Based learning opportunities.

An underlying emphasis is placed on the value of closer collaboration and partnership between VET providers and the business community.

Participants were divided in to several groups to discuss 3 key questions and explored their own models of practice and in deed experiences. These were shared with the project team and would be used to refine the product as it moves through its development phase.

The workshop was delighted to hear from the Director of CEDEFOP, James Calleja, in a key note speech reinforcing the potential of Work based learning and the importance of shared roles of stakeholders in making work based learning more effective and a positive pathway to skills and competence development. He shared with the participants an overview of the challenges faced and the degree to which different European member states were implementing reforms to meet this objective.

In addition to this multiplier event, the Contractors, Creative Alliance held two roundtable sessions during the Conference itself where delegates took the opportunity to discuss in more depth the development activity in Promoting WBL.

A big thanks to all participants for their feedback and contributions to the projects development. Moreover, Conference, the theme of which was ‘Work and Education aligned to the future’ provided a valuable opportunity to discuss the wider challenges facing VET providers and young people in a rapidly changing world of employment. Delegates heard the scale and speed of technological change and the nature of work and jobs in to the future. Life will never be the same as we know it to-day – the challenge is on and only by all stakeholders working together can we react to such rapid change as we move in to the Industry 4 revolution.


Promote WBL is a pan-European project which aim to equip professionals who work in the Vocational Education and Training sector, and other professionals involved in developing young people’s skills and career advice, with a greater insight into best practice in creating an environment for high quality work-based learning (WBL) to take place.

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