Promote WBL brings together 7 organisations from across Europe to support the agenda of creating high quality work-based learning opportunities for young people across the continent. As a part of this mission we are producing a flexible, fully-accessible online course that can be used by VET teachers, tutors and other professionals.

Project meeting
As part of our project work the team are running a Joint Staff Training programme to be held in Lublin, Poland from 4th September to 8th September 2017. This key event forms an integral part of the development process offering an opportunity for participants to evaluate and review the modular On line learning content of Promote WBL
The week in Lublin (Poland), is the first opportunity for the partnership to invite key people from the VET sector to take an in-depth look at our brand new training tool. It is a vital step in the development of an online course that can create real impact for the sector; we need to involve our potential users to make sure it is relevant, useful and easy to use. The feedback we gather as a result of this training week will be a crucial phase of the development and will have a significant impact on the final course before it is released to the wider sector.
Those who take part in this review will come together to form a small team that can help to shape the product.
At the end of the week, this team will produce a clear plan of recommendations for improvements and a possible strategy for implementing the course in your own organisations, networks and future CPD.

Promote WBL course
The team has developed the Promote WBL course in a modular format consisting of 7 modules. These are described in brief below:

1) The Benefits of Work-Based Learning for students, business and VET Institutions.
2) High-quality work-based learning (WBL)
3) How to help students to make the most of their work-based learning experience
4) Tools for effective work-based learning

Expected outcomes
The outcomes of this Promote WBL Online Course Review will ultimately inform the final product of our project. The timing of this event coincides with the publication of the EfVET Newsletter, however you will be able to follow our progress via our website:

EfVET Conference
In addition Promote WBL team members will be attending the EfVET Conference to be held in Thessaloniki, 24th to 27th October 2017 offering an opportunity for us to share our development activity during the Roundtable events on Friday 26th. Moreover, for those who arrive a little early are invited to attend our Seminar to be held on Wednesday afternoon – 12.30pm to learn more about our project and explore how it could be used within your organisation to promote high quality Work Based Learning. Come and join us. We are delighted to have secured a top level speaker from CEDEFOP who will place the project within the overall development activity of building effective WBL and Apprenticeship initiatives across Europe.

EfVET Newsletter

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