Promoting Mental wellbeing in VET


Coordinator: Keskuspuisto Vocational College

Contact Details: Satu Suihkonen

Starting / Ending Date: 01.09.2014 – 31.08.2016

Psychological distress and mental health problems are the leading cause for work absenteeism in the EU as well as a growing source of productivity loss in many EU countries. This trend can already be observed in children and teenagers. Dropping out is one of the major challenges in secondary vocational education and it has a strong association to mental health problems. Governments in the EU are now recognizing the importance of mental wellbeing to society. Interest towards mental wellbeing of students and the college community has grown. Research shows that mental health promotion programs can be effective in equipping people with the skills necessary to avoid or deal with mental distress. Training mental wellbeing skills for the students in VET has been limited. The goal of the project is to develop the professional competence of teachers, directors and in-company trainers in promoting mental health in VET. The material and the training programme are sturctured around five themes: mental wellbeing as a resource, self-knowledge, emotions and interaction, coping skills and the learning community. The target groups of the project are: – VET teachers, in-company trainers, directors – the students (and their parents), and – the internship companies Learning mental health knowledge and skills will be an essential component of VET in the future. The project helps young people in participating colleges to acquire mental health skills that help them study effectively, master their life and enter the job market. The project measures aims to promote mental wellbeing of students in each participating college and country, to disseminate and report the material, training program and best practices. Measures will also be taken to actively influence the objective-setting in European vocational education policy.


Founding Agency: SUOMI / FINLAND 2014-1-FI01-KA202-000849

Tietgen, DK
Marijampole College, LT
Suomen Mielenterveysseura, FI
ROC Da Vinci College, NL

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Promoting Mental Wellbeing in VET Flyer 2

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