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The school year of 22/23 started in a big way at Escola de Formação Profissional do Minho – Esprominho – in what concerns international projects, for the trainees of the Youth Courses, the Adult Education and also for the Staff!

From September to November Esprominho still had no rest when it comes to international mobilities. After all we want to ensure that all trainees and trainers, who are interested in participating in Erasmus+ projects, can take advantage of the best of these mobilities in different countries, which is the possibility to open horizons, acquire new knowledge and experience new cultures.

Esprominho started this year with several mobilities linked both to youth education and adult education and also continuous training of its staff. The first mobility of the project: Sensory Skills – Education for Lifelong Learning Competencies (no. 2021-l-NO01-KA220-ADU), in Norway, where our executive director was representing Esprominho in this initial meeting, essentially for planning and discussing issues related to the project. Regarding international youth projects, we have already held two mobilities, one of them between September 25th and October 30th, in Romania, with the Butterfly Effect to Maths with Stem Project (no. 2020-1-LT01-KA229-077854_6) with 5 students and 2 accompanying mentors. Another mobility of the project WelcomEmotions – Emotions and Robotics (no. 2020-1-TR 201-094326), between October 2nd to 8th, in Italy, with 6 students and 2 accompanying teachers. The school also received a mobility of staff only from the Dementia project (2021-1-BE02-KA220-VET-000025664) between the 7th and 10th of November, and also another staff mobility in Braga from the previously mentioned Butterfly project, from the 21st to the 25th of November.

In the month of November the Happy Learning moments project (no.2021-1-PT01-KA121-ADU-000006180) was the most active project, it is aimed at the students of adult education at Esprominho with the objective of fostering autonomy, motivation, responsibility, culture, general knowledge and teamwork in the students through informal learning. Esprominho has carried out in the first week of this month a group mobility involving 6 students and a trainer, as well as a jobshadowing in the city of Lugo – Spain, from 31st of October to the 6th of November. Between the 10th and 16th of November some trainers and staff had a Training Course in Heusden-Zolder – Belgium and in the last two weeks of the month Esprominho had the remaining mobilities of this project, other group mobilities and Jobshadowing in Spain and a last one in Belgium, marking it  the end of the mobilities of this project.

Between the 14th of November and the 16th of December seven students from Esprominho’s youth courses had the opportunity to carry out an international internship in the city of Lugo in Spain, made possible through the Hermes project (no. 2022-1-PT01-KA121-VET-000053019), having as main objective to improve the academic learning outcomes and the personal, social academic and professional development of the students.

This first semester of mobilities has been a real success. The trainees and trainers of Esprominho returned with the desire to repeat this experience and certainly with a greater cultural baggage, as they could learn more about the culture of the countries they visited, such as Spain, Italy, Norway, Romania and Belgium.

Esprominho is only at the beginning of a year full of adventures and international projects!

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