EfVET Work Based Learning Guideline

EfVET Strategic Plan​s

EfVET Strategic Plan 2022-2026

EfVET Strategic Plan 2019-2022

Annual Activity Reports​

Activity Report 2022-2023


EfVET Annual Report 2020-2021

EfVET Annual Report 2019-2020

Activity Report 2018-2019

Activity Report 2017-2018

Activity Report 2016-2017

EfVET History Booklet

EfVET History 1991-2021

Projects'​ Brochures

EfVET Projects Brochure 2019-2022

EfVET Projects Brochure 2019-2023

EfVET Projects Brochure 2018-2021

EfVET Projects Brochure 2015-2018

EfVET Projects Brochure 2016-2019

EfVET Projects Brochure 2017-2020

Members' Insights

Country Report 2017

EfVET Membership Survey 2018

Thematic Teams Reports

TT Seminar Lyon Workshops Reports

Internationalisation in VET

VET 4.0 Report

Other Resources

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