QAFP – Quality Assurance of Foreign Placements

Aquap: development of a smart interface and through this interface colleges (in special those in the green sector) can upload their excel file with placement companies in the own country or else.

The original owner remains owner of this data file and must maintain the presented information. Students can go to the website and select a placement company somewhere in Europe.


Practical experience, learning in practice, recognition of competencies achieved outside schools and above all experience abroad is becoming more and more important. The EC aims to increase the percentage of graduates with practical experience abroad. Several initiatives have been developed which still are independent from each other. We try to construct a sequence:

  • open local databases (AQUAP) with placement possibilities through a smart interface (,
  • secondly improve the quality of placements through training, control (label) and openness ( / QAFP),

thirdly but not the last idea is to ask the apprentices to tell their story (APEX).
An integrated approach might help to increase the interest of students to do an apprenticeship abroad.

QAFP: we aim to introduce a methodloly to improve the quality of the placement companies. A local agency or consultancy will check the placement company according some criteria and approve the company as an official learning placement company.


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