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Inclusive reskilling and upskilling Towards competitive Agrifood and veterinary sector: European agenda Strategy meeting in Vienna

I-RESTART partners met in a second project meeting held in Vienna on the 14th and 15th of September 2023 with the presence of all the partners representatives. The I-RESTART project aims at reskilling and upskilling the workforce in the agrifood and veterinary sectors, retrain the employees leaving the heavy industry to hire them in the agrifood sector, and engage some students that want to enter the agrifood labor market, to improve their digital skills and facilitate the transition to the Green Deal initiative.

During two days the leader of WP’s intoduced the state of the Art. WP 3 has been introduced by ISEK, FoodDrinkEurope and ACEEU.

The  WP3 general aims and the WP tasks and timelines. After that she described the work done in the task, that is, the update of the FIELDS/I-RESTART databases with new information, and also including now the sector “veterinary activities” and the topics “One Health” and “Sector Specific” topics. The work done in focus groups was presented by Lina Landinez (ACEEU). First of all she explained the delay in focus groups and survey activities, for two main reasons:

  • Initially one focus group per country was indicated in the project description but in the end three focus groups were done, one for each activity sector: animal production, food industry and veterinary activities. Then the work in organizing, planning and reporting focus groups was threefold the initially expected. All the project countries organized and reported these focus groups but France.
  • The organization of focus groups was expected for April 2023, but in the end they were organized April-July 2023.

She also described the information sent to ISEKI and ACEEU after the organization of the focus groups, and how this information was later processed, analyzed, and reported. Last she presented how policy focus groups were conducted, analyzed, and reported. It is expected to have ready D3.5 “Focus Group Analysis” by the end of October 2023, which will include the results of both national and policy focus groups.

The second part of the task, which is the design and conduction of a survey with the aim at confirming and complementing the results obtained in the focus groups. Also, shared a link for partners to test the survey, and after that he asked them to answer some questions related to the quality of the questionnaire. The input collected will be used to improve the final questionnaire. There are two deliverables related to the survey: D3.6 “Web-based questionnaire” and D3.7 “Survey analysis”. D3.6 will be delivered in October and D3.7 after the survey conduction.

In the end of the WP3 presentations, Remigio asked Luis how the WP is going in general.  Luis answered that, considering the amount of work and the delay of focus groups, we are doing fine. Luis also suggested that, for tasks waiting for input from WP3, sometimes relevant information will be available in a word document, before the need of waiting for the final deliverable. Read or download the document here

Another important part of the meeting was dedicated to the Quality Management and Certification led by EfVET.

The UNITO describe the quality plan and task. The Quality Plan was included a summary of the expected results and deliverables achieved by each partner and uploaded in Google Drive made by UNITO and the review on the revised draft completed in March 2023. The quality assessment completed. Patricia Castejón presented the first draft of the proposal. She presented the draft task and Partners agree with her draft proposals – no comments no suggestions. The other tasks will start shortly and will be present in the next upcoming meetings.

It was a successful meeting with very positive outcomes.

Soon the I-RESTART Newsletter will be published and will contain new information on the progresses of the project, stay tuned!

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