REX VET – Face-to-face project meeting in Kuressaare, Estonia

REX VET – Face-to-face project meeting in Kuressaare, Estonia

Imagine being a group of people with a common goal that for more than a year and a half has not been able to meet in order to work as a team.

Think back to all the online meetings done, to all the connection problems, the voices that overlap, the annoying background noises…

Now imagine that you can finally sit at a table with these people, be able to look them in the eyes and feel the enthusiasm they have talking about their work and the projects they are currently working on.

This is what happened to the partners of the REX VET project, from a Rookie to an Expert in Internationalisation. ENAC and the partners from Finland, Estonia, the Netherlands and Spain attended the 3-day meeting in Estonia in Kuressaare from the 14th to the 17th of September 2021.

PIC 1: Meeting in Kuressaare
The last time the consortium had the chance to meet in person was before the pandemic in November 2019, during the kick-off meeting in Bilbao; therefore, the joy of being able to work together again in person was great.

PIC 2: Meeting in Bilbao
During the meeting in Estonia, the agenda was really tight. In fact, during the 3 working days, the consortium finalised the training modules and created the first open badges.

PIC 3: Meeting in Kuressaare
However the partners had time to have social dinners and moments of relaxation and discover Kuressare and the island of Saaremaa.

Free time

Within a month, the consortium will meet in Helsinki where a training event will take place. On this occasion, more than 20 teachers will participate challenging their internationalization skills by testing the brand new internationalization badges. The participants will have also the possibility to explore the culture and the atmosphere of Helsinki in the polar darkness. The first two days of the event will take place by the coast-line of the Baltic Sea, which gives a fine possibility to observe the Finnish nature, maybe even swim in the sea and warm up in the sauna. The third day takes place in the premises of Luovi Vocational College, so the participants have a chance to visit a real Finnish school, famous from PISA tests.

 It will be great, for sure. We are looking forward to tell you what will happen.

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