REX VET project in Helsinki: when a utopia becomes reality

REX VET project in Helsinki: when a utopia becomes reality

If a year ago, when we were in the peak of the pandemic, we were told that within a short time the health emergency would be resolved to the point of allowing 25 people to stay in the same room safely, we would have hardly believed it. If they had told us that these 25 people, coming from 5 different countries, would have worked together on the development of training modules for international skills for three days, in a rather remote hotel immersed in the evocative Finnish landscapes, we would have considered it a utopia; instead, it is all reality.

From 26th to 28th October, a training activity under the framework of the REX VET from a rookie to an expert project was held in Helsinki. Specifically, some selected teachers tested the training modules created by the REX VET team to support the development of international skills for VET staff. The ultimate goal was to train teachers with international skills, who will then be able to support students in becoming European citizens and prepare them to work in a job market that increasingly requires international skills.

The agenda was quite tight, but in addition to hard work, there was also time to discover Finnish art, nature and history.

On the first day more general topics were introduced such as the future challenges of VET and the megatrends that will affect it. The main theme of the second day was the internationalisation path: the teachers worked very hard on testing the training material developed by the project consortium. On the third and last day, it was given an explication of what open badges are and especially how REX VET badges work. After that, each trainer tried to get a badge on the training modules tested the previous day.

If you’re curious to check out a brief summary of this exciting learning experience, watch this video.

Arrived at the end of this experience, we have got very valuable feedback from the participants, so we can only be satisfied with the results achieved during these days!

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