SAAM awarded as one of the Protagonists of Education 2020

SAAM has been awarded as one of the Protagonists of Education 2020

Congratulations! Our project has been awarded in the Magisterio 2020 awards. The project SAAM, led by Spanish organisations San Viator Sopuerta and Asociación Mundus, has been awarded with one of the prizes that the Spanish editorial group Siena, publisher of the newspaper Magisterio, gives every year to the best actions in the field of education all over Spain.

The Magisterio newspaper, dean of the specialised press in the field of education, with more than 150 years of edition behind, has chosen SAAM as an example of good practice in education by including it among the “Protagonists of Education” in Spain this year. SAAM represents a turning point for the international mobility programs in the field of VET, since for the first time it puts forward the exchange of education professionals and VET students between the European and African continents in the form of a pilot project.

In this regard, SAAM is a unique and unprecedented project that the main publication in the field of education has wanted to recognise. SAAM managerial and coordination teams are extremely proud to receive this award and, although due to the health crisis, mobilities have not yet been carried out, this recognition motivates us to continue moving forward together to create a sustainable alliance that prioritises the skills of our young people and gives them greater opportunities, on both continents.

On November 19th, Alfredo Garmendia (Centro San Viator Sopuerta) and Beatrice Bellet (Asociación Mundus) collected the award at a ceremony held at the CaixaFòrum center in Madrid. There, SAAM met up with the rest of the award-winning institutions, among which are the Spanish National television, Save the Children, the Latin American Institute of Educational Communication, the Spanish Ministry of Defense or the Telefónica Foundation, among other education professionals and schools. Congratulations to all the awarded people and institutions!


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