SAAM project: VET promotion between EU and Africa begins soon

SAAM begins: the greatest AU-EU funded project to promote vocational training between Europe and Africa

SAAM is an alliance between regions of Africa and Europe. The partnership is made by 32 different organisations from eight countries of European Union and seventeen African countries, and it is an unprecedent project funded with 4M€ that aims to have relevant impact on the VET system and the mobility exchange opportunities on both continent. On May 7th 2020, the project will begins with a virtual meeting with all partners of SAAM.

The first meeting with all the partnership, which is formed by 32 entities from eight EU countries and 17 from Africa, will take place on May 7th 2020. SAAM (Supporting Alliance for African Mobility) is one of the only two pilot projects approved in January to promote exchange in the VET (Vocational Training) field between Africa and Europe for teachers and students from both continents.

After a first meeting – called “Meeting Zero” – that took place in Brussels in February with some representatives of the SAAM alliance, the project will kick off in a practical way on the 7th of May through a virtual meeting with all the partners, as well as some invited stakeholders and associated partners, that are part of the project in any of its three phases. This virtual meeting – that represents the beginning of SAAM – is held instead of a three-day conference in Nairobi, Kenya, which was postponed due to the health crisis.

The aim of SAAM is to promote the mobility of 300 African students who will undertake internships in European companies. In addition, more than 200 European and African teachers will carry out job shadowing periods in the opposite hosting continent with the aim of bringing the two educational systems closer together to ease and make possible the mobility between Africa and Europe in the field of vocational training.

SAAM aims to contribute to the improvement and modernisation of vocational training, as well as to strengthen the relationship between vocational training and the job market, by generating learning opportunities between Africa and Europe.

This alliance aims to promote the exchange of ideas and good practices between regions, improve the skills of teachers and students, improve standards of management and training quality, and finally improve the curricular project of vocational training centres.

For more information:
Clara Ribera – (SAAM Communications Manager) – +34 653 59 76 12
Beatrice Bellet – (SAAM Project Coordinator) – +34 651 89 13 67

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