SAAM Steering Committee meeting in Luanda, Angola 

SAAM Steering Committee meeting in Luanda, Angola 

SAAM is a project that promotes mobility for TVET students and professionals. SAAM brings together more than 37 partners in Europe and Africa. 

The second Steering Committee meeting for SAAM was held in Luanda, Angola, in person from 27 to 30 June with partners and associate partners. The agenda was quite tight and interesting with one day visits. 

The SAAM Steering Committee and the work package leaders spent some days to analyse the first two years of the SAAM mobility project. They also dedicated time to work together and plan the upcoming activities of the project, in particular the student mobilities from Africa to Europe.

During these days partners visited the Don Bosco VET center and other Don Bosco facilities in the area, where they had the opportunity to meet teachers and students, talk to them about their studies and learn about other projects. Moreover, they went to the Maduvas Center, and house of Mama Margarita, where Salesians of Don Bosco look after children who are at risk of social marginalization.

EfVET Vice President (Projects) Mr Stefano Tirati and SAAM Coordinator Mr Alfredo Garmendia had the opportunity to meet and present project to Ms Alba Valle Basanta, from the EU Delegation and Mr Juan Payá, from Spanish Consul in Angola. They had time to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the project and the partners presented to the institutions the next steps. For instance, the student mobilities. Also, partners had opportunity to meet Ms Alba Valle Basanta and Mr Juan Payá at the Don Bosco VET center. 

We are looking forward to our successful cooperation with African partners. 

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