Safety4el partners presentations

The 3rd project meeting of Safety4el project was held in Malta 10th – 11th October 2017, hosted by MCAST.  During the meeting, the partners presented cases status: 

SDE: General Health & Safety at Work and Electro technical. Online units are now all found online. Work is ongoing on preparing eight small cases. Status of work cases is up-to-date

Bridgwater-Taunton: discussed progress regarding videos being produced regarding General Health & Safety at Work & Personal Protective Equipment at Work & Reporting Accidents. 

MCAST: Still in their earlier stages of producing video related to Health & Hazards and Work Equipment. There is, however, preliminary contacts regarding possibilities of involving MCAST media students to help in the production of the videos and other media items. Videos could be used for MCAST students and more. 

IntercollegeManual Handling Operations and Work at Height and Special Site Hazards. Still in their earlier stages and still need to get certain permissions to produce specific video, etc content. They have no media department to help out in the productions. 

Txorierri: Still trying to reach out for students to help in/participate in the video productions.  

EfVET mentioned the article about Safety4el written in the EfVET brochure, newsletter, magazine. All partners also disseminated project during the events and Multiplier events in each partner countries. 

The all materials are available on Safety website:  

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