Sedu develops virtual reality learning environments

Sedu is developing its virtual reality learning environments – an opportunity to implement virtual exchanges in the future?

Seinäjoki Joint Municipal Authority or Education Sedu (Finland) wants to put its vision into practice – a forerunner in know-how here and in the world, according to which Sedu wants to be a leader in digital competence. Sedu has worked for years to put this vision into practice by developing the digital skills of both staff and students, acquiring the latest technology to support the work, and developing distance learning environments. Sedu also wants to develop virtual exchanges alongside traditional international exchanges due to the current situation. The utilization of digital learning environments in implementing virtual exchanges will be investigated. Alongside with the more traditional O365 and Moodle environments Sedu has also welcomed various new VR environments. Below are examples of virtual reality learning environments used in Sedu.

Dishwashing line VR

Sedu has produced a virtual dishwashing line for educational purposes. The content design has involved restaurant and catering teachers and the game’s dishwashing line has been made in line with the school’s teaching kitchen’s Metox line. Software production has been handled by Virtual Dawn Oy, which is also responsible for distributing the counter line application. In the simulation, the user is placed in a virtual world corresponding to the real world, where the work steps related to the use of the counter line are learned in a game environment.

The user learns the work steps systematically and hears voice instructions as the scenario progresses. There is also written instruction in the virtual world at each stage of the task. The scenario includes the daily assembly and start-up of the industrial countertop line, the use of work clothes, the measures of the dish baskets, the measures of the dishwashing itself and the emptying of the baskets. The VR dishwashing line will be used for teaching in autumn 2020. The dishwashing line is used with Oculus Quest virtual glasses.

Glue Learning Environment (VR)

The eKampus project pilots a universal collaboration platform developed in Finland and it has a Finnish-language user interface. The platform enables teaching in virtual reality regardless of location. The Glue learning environment is being piloted at Sedu from a teaching perspective and the actual student pilots will be implemented in 2020. Glue is used with Oculus Quest VR glasses or alternatively via a PC.


The eKampus project also pilots the international AltspaceVR virtual reality collaboration platform (free, English-language interface), which also enables teaching in virtual reality regardless of location. Student pilots will be implemented in August 2020, providing valuable comparative information between two different applications (Glue). AltspaceVR is operated with VR glasses or via a PC.

Occupational safety in the automotive sector (360 environment)

In the spring of 2020, a 360 environment related to occupational safety in the automotive industry was implemented in Sedu with the ThingLink application. This learning environment will be introduced to teaching in the fall of 2020 and will be available to all Sedu’s staff members and students via computer or smartphone. This learning environment can also be utilized with Oculus Quest VR glasses.

Would you be interested in future cooperation?

Sedu would like to find new partners for the development and implementation of virtual exchanges. If your educational institution would like to start developing such cooperation, please contact our international services:


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