SELFIE WBL Follow Up: Translational Partners’ Meeting at BBSW1 Ludwigshafen (DE)

SELFIE WBL Follow Up  is an Erasmus+ funded project that aims to help VET schools translating the reports resulting from the implementation of the SELFIE WBL tool, which involves Managers, Teachers, Students and in-company trainers (the target groups of the project and main users of the tool). Such reports are the baseline for the development of schools’ Digital Action Plan, which actions foster VET schools’ digital transformation.

BBSW1 Ludwigshafen, the German partner of SELFIE WBL Follow Up, hosted the project’s 5th Transnational Project Meeting (TPM) between February 20th and 21st, with a full agenda that included:

  • Testing the beta version of the future online platform, where all training courses developed in the project will become available for public use, soon. This platform is being developed by KCI, with guidance from SELFIE WBL Follow Up partners;
  • Discussing the contents of the toolkit aimed at supporting the users of the SELFIE WBL tool to make the most out of it towards an effective and efficient Digital Action Plan. EfVET is the partner responsible for this toolkit, organised in 4 parts: Preparation guide before the SELFIE WBL self-reflection exercise, Follow-up guide, Guideline on how to translate SELFIE into a DAP, and Collection of good practices;
  • Discussing the organisation of the final TPM and conference, which will be held in September 17th and 18th (more news on these events, soon).

This was a very productive meting that allowed all partners to set the next steps towards the project’s results’ delivery!

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