SENSE partnership meets to discuss the competence framework

SENSE partnership meets to discuss the competence framework

The partnership of the project SENSE had two meetings, one split on 16th and 17th of June and the second on the 9th of July in order to follow-up on the last tasks and work on the competence framework.

The competence framework describes the needed diversity competences of VET students and which will function both as an underlying model for the other products, and a tool for discussion with the aim to improve the formal competence frameworks in the participating countries and regions.

During the discussion, seeing that all of the competences could relate both to teachers and students, it was agreed that all the competences apply to both groups, since teachers need to have those competences to stimulate their students.

The partners had the opportunity to work in 4 groups focusing on the definitions of the competences, as well as providing examples for each of them, which was later shared in the part of the conclusions.

On the second day, it was agreed that the final framework would have 11 competences – 5 interpersonal and 6 intrapersonal. Again the team was divided in 4 groups to work on the examples for each of the competences by providing 2 examples: on how to include this competence in class and an example of when a VET student may need that competence when interacting with LGBTI+ people. In conclusion, all partners will give feedback on the Framework.

The last meeting in July was about updating each other within our actions and tasks in the project. Also, partners discussed the possible extension of the project and the approximate date of the European multiplier event, which had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Finally, the timeframe for some activities was also discussed.

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