SHINE 5th project meeting

The project SHare, Improve, develop: today’s excelleNce for tomorrow’s HVET met in between the 8 and 10 of October 2017 in Timisoara. In addition, a workshop was organised by the Romanian partner, CT Ion Bratianu (Timisioara) on the second day.

5th partners meeting

On the first day, project leading coordinator Mr. Boetti (I.F.O.A) showed up the status of the project and explained the three main macro faces that we have gone through:

  1. Sharing good practices
  2. Develop the Local Actions Plans and implementation
  3. Making good use of what we have done until now and its dissemination

After finishing the Intellectual Output 5, focused on developing a Local Actions Plans, partners met in order to discuss the status of the project and the next steps.

One of the central is the Intellectual Outputs 7, led by EfVET, aims to collect inputs from stakeholders within a survey. This is has been launched to investigate to what extent EU tools for transparency in competence recognition (such as EQF, ECVET, ECTS, ESCO, etc.) are known, and used in the VET and HVET environment. The main steps to complete this IO are: disseminate the survey, face to face interviews with experts in the subject and finally to write a report with the main conclusions.

During the three days meeting partners went through the state of play during the last two years, analysis of the quality of the project, multiplier event and the feedback on Intellectual  Out 5 (partner agreed to validate and updated on the process of the project).

Next meeting will be held in April 2018, hosted by the Croatian partner. It we will be focused on Intellectual Out 9, which aims is to collect feedback by relevant stakeholders on the project developed tools (such as the Local Actions Plan) .

SHINE project workshops at the Universitatea Politehnica din Timisoara on 9th November

On 9th of November, CT Ion Bratianu, Romanian partner organised a workshop in order to disseminate the SHINE project among Timisoara education community.

An introduction of the project was given by the project coordinator Mr. Boetti. SHINE is focused on Higher Vocational Education and Training (HVET), especially for qualifications around EQF level 5,  as has a relevant role, and a tremendous potential to that aim.  SHINE targets actors governing and managing HVET programmes, as well as students, aiming at bridging the gap among local economic contexts and goals set by corresponding regional Smart Specialization Strategies, by acknowledging the role and innovative potential of high-level technical professional profiles.

Followed the presentation of the Local Actions Plan presented by Mr. Crivelli (Confindustria Veneto SIAV Spa).  In each country of training partners (Italy, Germany, Sweden, Romania, Croatia) a Local Action Plan has be developed.  Such plans consider specific contexts and suggesting the best possible offer in terms of methodologies, content and tools. Single plans move from a general context analysis, linking between business and training system, policies in force, etc.), to detail strategies and operating procedures for training organisations linked to local business/entrepreneurial systems. Each plan also includes criteria to define its implementation, assess their real outcomes and their effectiveness in terms of improvement of innovation capacity, attractiveness for the production system, performance.

The Head of Erasmus office of the Universitatea Politehnica din Timisoara explained how the Erasmus Programme has been developed at the Univeristy. They have been involved for the last 7 years, more that 300 students outgoing students and 100 incoming, but also personal academic and administrative professionals benefit from the Erasmus Plus programme.

A presentative of the local county in charge of the VET programmes, explained the VET system in Timisoara County. He expressed his concerns regarding the demographic decreased, and indeed a consequently reduction of students attending VET schools. Regarding the labour market in Romania he explained that ‘Romania crisis of labour force, but in terms of qualifications the companies are looking for qualify personal is we can offer the right qualification’. He concluded adding that “we should clarify to our students that there are not better jobs than others. Theoretical training is really important but the training as well”.

Mr.Boetti concluded the workshop saying that VET could be the first option as can meet the needs of the labour market faster.

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