Smooth Hybrid and Online Working for VET -SHOW VET

At the beginning of October, our fourth transnational project meeting for the SHOW-VET project was held in Alba (Italy).  It was a great opportunity to catch up with the SHOW-VET team and plan the last steps together.

The hosting partner, APRO Formazione, gave a short presentation on the school and its activities, with a specific focus on international projects and mobility.

Each partner presented their E-learning Example. GENCAT, the lead partner, commented on each presentation with questions, suggestions, ideas, etc.

First day was focus on impact survey results and mentoring process. JAMK presented the results of the impact survey for teachers #2 submitted in late August-early September. The overall results show a general improve on teachers’ approach to digital teaching and use/utility of the Smooth Onlne Guide. Each partners gave their feedback and had given some time to discuss among colleagues and answers 3 questions that has been provided by JAMK.

Later in the afternoon all partners were taken around APRO premises and introduced the different sectors and areas of activity.

The second day was focus on the pilot feedback. FIRDA and APRO Formazione (lead and co-lead of STEP 7) started by presenting their 2 finalized e-learning materials, one for each of the two sectors they selected at the beginning. Presentations included a digital/interactive part and were open to comments and suggestions.

The Model for VET providers. It includes all the methodology, trainings, surveys, templates, tools, etc. that were finalized by the SHOW-VET teams during project implementation and tested along the way. The model includes the description of the process, a teachers guide including pedagogical methods, teachers’, training materials, and survey to determine the needs and evaluate the impact. Also, EfVET gave a presentation on the dissemination and communication activities. from now until the end of the project, partners will focus on website materials finalisation, and issuing for upcoming newsletter #4.

Later in the afternoon, all partners enjoyed a pizza making and tasting session in APRO professional kitchen lab, guided by Master Chef Paolo.

Stay tuned for more updates on our hashtag SHOW-VET project journey!


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