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If you are looking for Basque VET centres interested in international projects, please check the Message Board at the bottom of the newsletter. There you will find collaboration interests and contact details. Last December we launched a newsletter issue 1 to disseminate internationalisation related news from Basque VET colleges through Europe. Our goal is to open an entertaining communication with you.

Starting from December 2020, every three months we will launch a new issue with relevant information on international activities, interesting interviews and amusing pieces of advice.

The first issue, after the welcome of the Vice Minister of VET, Department of Education, Basque Government, Mr. Jorge Arévalo, features a special guest that you already know: Mr. João Santos, Senior expert at the Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs, and Inclusion of the European Commission. He foresees a bright future for VET as a key sector to support sustainable competitiveness, social fairness, and resilience.

The issue follows then with six interviews with six International Coordinators of different Basque VET centres. Five of the conversations deal with European projects centred in important topics for European VET systems and one of the interviews is a loving farewell to the recently retired Marijo Irastorza. Considering that she has been attending EfVET conferences without interruption for the last twenty years, chances are that many of you know her.

This issue also took the opportunity to give some convenient advice for Christmas. Teachers and students of the healthcare and beauty sectors shared with you some advice on how to proceed if someone is chocking and a couple of make-up tips to look awesome.

Finally, as mentioned above, do not hesitate to take a look at the message board and to get in touch with Basque VET centres!

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