Social Entrepreneurship in Local Communities – SELC

Social Entrepreneurship in Local Communities – SELC

Social Entrepreneurship in Local Communities – SELC is a project of the Erasmus + programme aims to raise awareness and understanding of what the social economy is, motivating young social innovators to develop entrepreneurial initiatives to start social enterprises that aim to improve social cohesion and generate social, environmental and cultural impact in local communities.

The main objectives of the SELC project are

  • To develop an integrated and innovative social incubation model for entrepreneurs
  • To provide guidance and training for 60 adults and 15 employees of the partners who will improve their skills by learning all the steps and tools of social incubation business models
  • Create an innovative and alternative funding tool for entrepreneurs and social enterprises, which will result in a European crowdfunding platform.

The partners of this project are:

  • Civitas Foundation for Civil Society, Romania
  • Fundatia Danis, Romania
  • Materahub, Italy
  • Asociația Centrul Pentru Legislație Non Profit, Romania
  • Synthesis centre for research and education limited, Cyprus
  • Diesis coop, Belgium

During the last week the training for 60 adults with entrepreneurial initiatives from 3 countries (Romania, Cyprus and Italy) was held, aiming to improve their skills by offering them innovative tools to develop social enterprises.The training curriculum was based on the human-centred design method and was a real success!

From the participants of the first training session, the 30 best ideas will be chosen and will participate in a training course in Matera (March 2022), during which they will be offered further support in the incubation of the business idea and accompaniment in the construction of a crowdfunding campaign. The international training programme is free of charge – accommodation, food and transport costs in Matera are covered by the organisers, according to Erasmus+ rules.





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