Social Inclusion of Migrants through Peer Learning Experience

The SIMPLE (Social Inclusion of Migrants through Peer Learning Experience) Erasmus + reacts towards the immense immigration to Europe. The average of migrants is between 16 – 30 years old and the expected number of long –term unemployment of this target group is estimated at 55%. The need of a successful integration into education is therefore extremely important. Access and integration to education will minimize the risk of unemployment and lead to a sustainable social integration.

HETEL (Spain)

HETEL , as a partner of this project, attended to the fifth transitional meeting in Elazig (Turkey). During this meeting, partners had the opportunity to exchange good practices that partners have been carrying out to compare how migrants are received, assisted and integrated with the partner countries (Germany, Spain, Turkey, Sweden and Slovenia).

To do so, partners visited Elazig vocational school and they had the opportunity to meet with 2 students, from Afghanistan and Iraq, who shared their story with the partners. Furthermore, the Education Department from Elazig received the partners., The Department officers explained how the public authorities assist migrants so they will feel welcome and part of Turkish society.

SIMPLE project will produce a paper of recommendations and pedagogical materials about how to integrate migrants into VET through peer learning experiences. “The concept behind SIMPLE is easy to adapt and to transfer the results will be relevant for all educational fields dealing with a sustainable integration of migrants and refugees.”

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