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Socio-Emotional Empowerment in VET across Europe: Insights from the 3H Project

We are approaching the last stages of the 3H Project Head, Heart, Hand project, which since 2022 has seen ENAC involved with ENDO-FAP, Rome, Centro San Viator, Sopuerta, Ammattiopisto Luovi, Helsinki, Università Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore, Milan, UFIL Puerta Bonita, Madrid, STEP Institut, Ljubljana and Friesland College, Leeuwarden, with the main objective of preventing school dropout by engaging in personal motivation of individual students.

We are for a week in Bilbao in Centro San Viator for the final project meeting where we discuss the next dissemination event and the last step that will involve us and the partnership. We’re a strong partnership that has achieved several results.

In fact, during these years we have worked on: a Collection of good practices compendium that reports the outcome of a series of visits to bench-mark and identifies good practices in the field of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) of adolescents in vocational education and training organisations; Guidelines on Socio-Emotional Education in VET – that suggest to teachers and staff how to incorporate into curriculum anthropological elements that make students more human, and therefore better prepared to face ethical choices for the common good.

These guidelines are intended to support schools/ vet centres by providing useful indications for building a social-emotional curriculum, while providing the organisational elements to facilitate its implementation.

They are divided into four sections Pedagogical dimension, Organisational dimension, Didactic dimension, Staff dimension (competences, recruiting and continuing professional development for teachers). Finally we created a Toolkit. In view of the experimentation, some groups of trainers from the partner institutions worked on a concise collection of activities defined and readily achievable by any trainer and in any context.

Inside there’s the form (including organisational elements, skills questioned and educational objectives, methods of carrying out and evaluation) will be used by the groups of trainers to translate the best practices of the compendium into more limited, transferable and monitorable activities. In summary, the 3H project has been a collaborative journey involving multiple European institutions dedicated to preventing school dropout and enhancing student motivation.

Through initiatives like the LTTA – Learning Teaching and Training Activities, Collection of good practices compendium, Guidelines on Socio-Emotional Education in VET we’ve equipped educators with valuable resources and strategies. Additionally, through various dissemination events, such as the Consenus Conference in Italy last summer, the round table regarding 3H – project during the 32nd EfVET Annual Conference in Rhodes in Greece and more to come in Spain, we share our findings and engage with stakeholders to promote wider adoption of effective practices.

As we near the project’s completion, we celebrate our achievements and look forward to the continued impact of our partnership in empowering students across Europe. These efforts reflect our commitment to fostering holistic student development and building a more inclusive educational environment.



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