Stefan Frese portrait

Stefan Frese

Stefan Frese serves as the head of the Vocational Training Schools in Verden, Lower Saxony, Germany. With a robust background in education spanning two decades, he boasts a decade of leadership experience in both school management and educational authorities.

In his capacity as a school leader, Frese has spearheaded key initiatives in school development. These include the formulation and implementation of an Internationalization Strategy and Vocational Education and Training (VET), as well as strategies for Digitalization, Information Management, Education for Sustainable Development, Inclusive Education, and the seamless transition of students from general education to vocational training.

Before embarking on his career in education, Frese worked as a certified foreign trade merchant and purchasing manager, accumulating extensive experience in the automotive industry. His transition to the field of education marked a shift towards a new and impactful chapter in his professional journey.

Frese’s multifaceted experience, coupled with his dedication to innovative educational strategies, underscores his commitment to fostering a dynamic and inclusive learning environment at the Vocational Training Schools in Verden.

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