Stefano Tirati
Vice President for Outreach

Stefano Tirati graduated in educational sciences at University of Florence, where he has worked for 3 years, after attending a post-graduate course in Human Resources Management, at Middlesex University in London.

From 1995 till 2016 he has directed CSCS, a vocational training centre implementing IVET, apprenticeships, CVET, vocational guidance, entrepreneurial support.

Since 1995, Stefano has lead several research and pilot projects, with a local, regional, national or international dimension. He has been responsible for establishing, nurturing and further expanding partnerships involving a wide range of stakeholders: local VET providers, SMEs and multinational businesses, public authorities, research centres, chambers of commerce, social partners.

In 2016 Stefano launched a new startup,, supporting corporate and educational providers to manage learning processes in digital environments.
Stefano currently cooperates with the following organizations:

  • Educational manager at ENEGAN, an Italian energy trading company, being responsible for e-learning solutions for the nation wide sales force
  • Advisor at Eurofound, in the FOME research project, focusing on apprenticeship systems and advanced manufacturing
  • Researcher at Italian University Line, online university of the Italian Ministry of Education, developing teacher training and teachers CP
  • Vice President of EfVET, being responsible for fostering horizontal cooperation among members and implementing policy strategies through projects

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