Coordinator of the Project: Aarhus Socialog Sundhedsskole DK

Duration: 01.12.2013 – 30.11.2015


The StorySHOP project addresses the education and training needs of health care students and employees in Europe. The project aims at producing a training curriculum and a set of materials and tools helping to prevent drop-out during education as well as to reduce the high risk of burnout among the professionals working in the sector.

Health care staffs are workers employed in hospitals, home care, nursing homes, psychiatry, hospices and clinics in charge of the daily care, hygiene, nutrition and comfort of citizens. Among the whole body of professionals employed in the healthcare sector, healthcare workers are definitely those who are in closest contact with the citizens with the responsibility for their daily care and wellbeing. The continuous care of citizens causes a high level of stress, due to excessively stressful personal relationships, making the risk of burnout very high and causing these professionals to become unresponsive and insensitive towards the citizens, worsening both their professional performance and the citizens ‘wellbeing.
In order to reduce the risk of compassion fatigue it is thus important to help healthcare professionals to keep the empathy with the citizens, balancing it with their own good feeling and optimism, belonging to their private lives, outside working hours.

Objectives: A Digital Storytelling Based training methodology, together with a set of pedagogical materials will be produced and applied to Vocational Education Systems involved with health and social care assistants at European level.
The training methodology and resources aim at enabling health and social care assistants establishing more balanced relationships with the people they care of, in order to reduce the risk of burnout.

– Learning needs analysis and preliminary research phase
– Training methodology and materials production
– Web-based platform production, to allow students sharing the digital stories created following the project’s training methodology

Associazione seed, CH
Eudaimonia, IT
Norton Radstock College, UK
European Forum for Technical and Vocational Education and Training, BE

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