Student Entrepreneurship

The third meeting of  Mainstreaming Student Entrepreneurship Erasmus+ Project took place 5th – 6th September in Leeuwarden in Netherlands and it was hosted by Inqubator, NL.

Erna van der Werff of Inqubator Leeuwarden outlined the agenda. Inqubator colleagues Bertwin Kampman the Inqubator Manager and Karen Vasbinder from “Jong Ondernemen”, made interesting presentations about developing entrepreneur skills and attitudes and learning process for VET students, this is a learning process with this new target group and takes time.

Student Entrepreneurship Support Toolkit – Presenting Good Practices (IO4)

Jette Nossell and Charlotte Lundius from TEC Copenhagen gave a presentation of the 10 best practice initiatives which had selected by partners. A roundtable discussion took place regarding the various initiatives and a number of partners amended their choices. CEBANC, Inqubator and TEC gave a presentation about the good practises.

The second day was dedicated to visit Friesland College.  Marie-Claire Bartmann made a presentation about the Dutch education system and following by plenary presentation about entrepreneurship programmes at Friesland College and Friese Poort.

The meeting was ended with the project management and dissemination and evaluation.



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