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Teknokent College-Renewable Energy Department Students meet the course material needs of their schools and other schools from the Renewable Energy Department.

The students have made the 3D design of the educational materials they will make in the computer workshop using the SOLIDWORKS program. These drawings were drawn and cut on the composite material on the CNC laser cutting machine.

After the students have completed the design phase and cutting phase, with their technical teachers, they produce;

· Basic Electrical-Electronic Experiment Set,

· AC-DC Circuit Analysis Set,

· PLC Experiment Set,

· Power supply Experiment Set.

Basic Electrical-Electronic Experiment Set: It is the main unit to use in order to perform operations related to digital circuits. There are input-output elements required for fixed and fixed power supplies, function generator, pulse generator tuning, fixed oscillator and analog-digital circuit applications on the set. The content of the training set is suitable for advanced technical training, including basic training.

AC-DC Circuit Analysis Set: There is a removable breadboard on the set. When necessary, Analog (AC-DC) and Digital Circuits Application Modules can be used instead of the breadboard in the set. The set is in a shockproof, detachable cover bag. It is designed to be used horizontally on the table and can be stored vertically when necessary.

PLC Training Set: It is designed to work alone or with various application modules. There are input-outputs and a multi-turn potentiometer that can perform analog operations with PLC. All PLC outputs can be used directly or via relay, also LED and simulation switches are used in all inputs.

In order to make applications with the Operator Panel; A 240 x 80 pixel, 10-key, 4-color backlit panel is used. The enclosure of the set is resistant to impacts and the cover is in a detachable metal case. It is designed to be suitable for horizontal use on the table when desired, and for vertical storage when necessary.

Power Electronics Training Set: It basically consists of a multi-functional Experiment Table and Energy Units, Measurement Modules, Load Groups and necessary accessories.

The Training Set includes experiments that can be done with rectifiers, phase controlled rectifiers, AC-AC converters, DC-DC converters, and inverters.

The Power Electronics Training Set has been designed in a modular structure to help with basic power electronics applications, control and measurements, as well as teaching, using, recognizing circuit elements, designing, analyzing and practical training.

Moving from an innovative and innovative education approach, TEKNOKENT COLLEGE prepares its students for life with innovative education programs. With the vision of guiding education on a world scale; It develops education programs with an industry 4.0-based technology, software and project-oriented, scientific-oriented education approach.


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