Study visits in India 2024

EfVET members and EfVET Secretariat team attended the study visit in Bangalore.  This visit from the 18th of March to 22nd of March 2024 only signifies not only a milestone in educational collaboration, but also hold immense promise in enhancing skills sets and fostering mutual collaboration and growth.

The main goal of the visit is to develop cooperation between educational institutions, to create opportunities for the implementation of educational exports to India, and to enable the mobility of students and teachers between educational institution.

The goal was to get to know the Indian private education system, exchange educational insights and share expertise, to build cooperation, drive by a shared vision for transformative education and explore culture and gastronomy in India.

Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF) extends a warm welcome EfVET members and Secretariat to the NTTF Electronic city for an inspiring Education Interchange.

Nettur Technical Training Foundation was founded in 1963. Over the past 65 years, since its inception, NTTF has grown into a leading institution, receiving technical support and knowledge transfer from Swiss industry and training institutions. NTTF remains committed to providing high-quality education and contributing to the development of skilled individuals and society.

The first day we visited the NTTF campus – it’s a dynamic ecosystem of innovation, learning and growth. We explored their state-of-the art facilities, cutting edge labs and collaborative space of excellence.

NTTF is a prestigious educational institution in India and has more than 20,000 students across India. The educational institution works closely with leading international industrial companies. We were very impressed by the operating model of the partner educational institution and the high quality.

Later in the afternoon we had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with H.K.Patil the Minister of the Legislation and Tourism of Karnataka. The meeting served as a platform for dialogue on leveraging Karnataka’s rich culture heritage, hospitality, gastronomy, and educational excellence to foster sustainable tourism and global learning experiences. From innovative partnerships to immersive educational tours, the possibilities are boundless.

Day after, we visited FESTO Vocational Training Academy. Festo is more than a global manufacturer of process control and factory automation solution. FESTO driver and shaper of automation and technical education. That’s why FESTO develop solutions for automation and technical vocational training education that prepare people, companies for the digital future in production and for new technologies.

FESTO Vocational Training Academy in Bengaluru offers a Certificate program in Mechatronics with their technical partners NTTF.  Right now, the mechatronics engineers are needed in many areas, quality assurance, machine operation and maintenance. At FESTO, there is a strong sense of comradeship between all levels of employees, providing a work environment where one can easily create and share their ideas.

National Skills Training Institute for women we visited workshops, labs and exchange experienced between students and EfVET members. The Training of Graft, Fashion Designing Technology, Computer Software Application, Architecture and Dress Marketing   it has been operational since the inception of the Craftsmen Training Schemes (GTS). The training methodology is imparted to the instructor trainees to make them conversant with techniques of transferring hands-on skills, to train skilled manpower for the industry.

Also, we visited the FANUC India Pvt Ltd company. we see that they had an experience of various technology, curated solutions for vocational education training. It is the enthusiasm towards technology that keeps up driven for Indian education initiatives.

Through this exchange of perspectives facilitate a deeper understanding of diverse skills ecosystems, and way for innovation approaches to vocational education on both continents.

Moreover, the collaboration facilities industry partnerships and internships, providing students with real world exposure, culture, and experiences. Therefore, the companies/industry alignment not only enhances employability but also fosters an education of lifelong learning, ensuring that students remain competitive in an ever-evolving landscape.

We hope together we could create a legacy of collaboration, innovation, and mutual growth.

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