Supporting EU SMEs with the Personalization of their online training

EfVET took part in Expert workshop on “Supporting European SMEs with the personalisation of their online training experiences”, organized by PwC, Brussels and European Commission DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, as part of the initiative on “Promoting online training opportunities for the workforce in Europe” (contract nr. EASME/COSME/2017/001), aiming to explore the role of online training in tackling the skills-related challenges in Europe, with a particular focus on high-tech SMEs.

The workshop brought together hands-on practitioners and industry professionals, including VET providers, course developers and publishers, with a shared interest in technology-enhanced learning.

It has been an opportunity to promote EfVET initiative of Thematic Teams (TT) and more specifically, the Technology Enhanced Learning TT.  From defining personalised and personal training to micro-learning, continuous learning, low-cost online micro-modular provision of online training and business model of online training, the experts from Belgium, Finland, UK, Germany, Sweden and Denmark discussed in detail how European SMEs can be best supported with the personalisation of their online training experiences, and specifically what role education/training providers and policy makers should play in this process.

The contributions from the presentations and discussions at the workshop will be brought further to the development of a blueprint for the common vision for the EU policy making in the field of online training for SMEs. The common vision will include specific measures, roles and priorities at the EU and national levels for implementation towards 2030.

The next tasks of the experts group (Oct.2018 to Oct.2019) will be to present a proposal for support measures; engage other stakeholders; design and validate a strategy; refine and finalise a vision and develop and disseminate the deliverables from this project.

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