Supporting the sustainable development of precision viticulture in Cyprus

Supporting the sustainable development of precision viticulture in Cyprus

Supporting the sustainable development of precision viticulture in Cyprus and maximize the national oenological potential.

One of the main problems of viticulture in Cyprus is a lack of know-how, which could lead to lower costs and increased production. The excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers – not justified by scientific soil analysis, foliar diagnostics, climatic data, analysis of fungal diseases and insects degrades production. Significant production losses are caused by downy mildew and esca diseases.

What is the OenoWatch Project about? The aim of the OenoWatch project is to study, develop, implement and pilot a holistic phytosanitary and plant protection system based on the use of an unmanned aerial vehicles and a series of cutting-edge technologies, as well as the establishment of a Competence Center for Precision Viticulture. During the course of the project, a prototype UAS will be constructed with remote sensing indicators from multi-spectral sensors. Thanks to timely diagnosis and targeted application of plant protection, the environmental damage will be reduced while achieving better health conditions for wine-growing professionals (due to remote application of pesticides). This will lead to increased production and reduced production costs for the wine grower. It will also achieve yields of better quality and therefore better market prices. Gradually, there will be a positive impact on the Cypriot economy, including the reduction of imports of pesticides. Competence Center for Precision Viticulture aims to educate the viticulture community of Cyprus in the use & application of precision viticulture technologies and to create a community aiming at the further development of Cypriot precision viticulture with innovative research activities. Finally, the project will contribute to the implementation of a policy and strategy framework to strengthen the viability and competitiveness of viticulture in Cyprus.

What are the main objectives of the OenoWatch Project?

  • To create an accessible and affordable integrated solution for viticulture in Cyprus to be used both by vineyard owners themselves and agricultural policy makers
  • To connect policy makers, academia and technology actors with the viticulture community in a sustainable way with the aim to make robotics and other innovative technologies accessible for the highest number of wine-growers
  • To create more business potential in the area of precision agriculture
  • Strengthening competitiveness of national wine producers
  • To develop a decision-making system based on heterogeneous location specific data and mission management technologies
  • To design and develop a semantic middleware solution and a shared information model
  • To develop customized sensing and actuating systems mounted on UAVs and the relevant infrastructure (charging stations, spraying machines, etc.)
  • To demonstrate efficient and feasible solutions in real application scenarios.

Work Packages: WP1: Project Management WP2: Dissemination & Exploitation activities WP3. Competence Centre for Precision Viticulture WP4. Requirements Analysis & Architecture Design WP5: OenoWatch middleware development WP6: Hardware development and configuration WP7: OenoWatch Decision Support System and portal WP8: Piloting, validation and evaluation

Who will be benefitted from the OenoWatch Project?

  • Wine growers
  • Viticultural community
  • (inter)national (EU, EMME) partners from the research and academic sectors
  • European bodies
  • RTDI (Research, Technological Development and Innovation) oriented partners from the public and private sectors (designers, manufacturers, distributors)
  • Local alliances, such as the Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation (OEB) and the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI)
  • Governmental/regional bodies (e.g., ministry of Agriculture), municipalities (where viticulture is a big part of the economic activity), and actors from the industrial sector (e.g., fertilizers sector)
  • Decision-makers, community leaders, politicians, lobbying groups (including NGOs)

The consortium: The consortium is consisted of six partners from Cyprus and one partner from Greece

  • E.U.C. Research Centre Ltd (Coordinator, Cyprus)
  • Dronint LTD, (Cyprus)
  • G.G. Eurosuccess Consulting Ltd (Cyprus)
  • Cyprus University of Technology (Cyprus)
  • Ekfraseis Winery LTD (Cyprus)
  • Development Agency of Lemesos Ltd (Cyprus)
  • Agricultural University of Athens – AUA (Greece)

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