Survey of Members’ Opinions

As discussed at the EfVET Annual Conference in Majorca, the EfVET Steering Committee is keen to collect members´opinions on issues which affect the development of VET in Europe.
The questions for your comments on the “Rethinking Education” Paper on VET are shown below. We would ask you to answer the questions by indicating to what extent the key challenges and actions are already implemented and/or implementations are planned in your country. Your answers will form the basis of a position paper to be presented by EfVET to the European Commission.


Communication from the European Commission

Rethinking Education: Investing in skills for better socio-economic outcomes
Vocational education and training for better skills, growth and jobs

The “Rethinking Education” Communication supports the Member States by identifying a range of issues relevant for improving the efficiency of education and training systems. Recent Cedefop data shows that, at the medium level, European VET graduates are more successful than candidates from general education in finding employment. This applies in particular to graduates from VET programmes with strong workplace orientation. The same data also shows that VET candidates are better paid than candidates from general education, even if this decreases over time. However, enrolments, attractiveness and quality of VET vary significantly across countries.

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Rethink Education Documents

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