Susana Nogueira, the most recent acquisition in EfVET for Policy & Projects

Susana Nogueira, the most recent acquisition in EfVET for Policy & Projects

The European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (EfVET) has recently welcomed a new Policy & Project Officer – Susana Nogueira. Even though Susana will be working remotely from Lisbon (Portugal), her activities include meetings with EfVET International Secretariat, in Brussels.

Susana’s interest in Education, VET and Erasmus+ programme started with her work in ANESPO – National Association of Professional Schools (Portugal), where during almost 5 years she had the opportunity to work closely with VET Providers, members of ANESPO, to learn about Education policies and their impact in VET and to acquire experience working as Project Manager in Erasmus+ funded projects. It was due to her involvement in common project that Susana crossed paths with EfVET.

After leaving ANESPO, Susana joined briefly a small entity dedicated to Erasmus+ funded projects focused on social economy, social inclusion and innovation.

A new opportunity arose to join another organisation with a European scope – the European Federation for Welding,  Joining and Cutting (EWF). At EWF, Susana also worked as Project Manager, being involved in KA2 and Sector Skills Alliance projects (with EWF as Coordinator and partner) and in writing of Erasmus+ project proposals. Those projects focused on the design of qualifications at VET and HE levels, aligned with current EU policies and strategies, for the development of skills required by industry in sectors such as Additive Manufacturing and Defence.

Having a background in Criminal and Forensic Psychology, and a professional certificate as Trainer, Susana was responsible for elaborating the first Gender Equality Plan for EWF and had the opportunity to provide training to her colleagues and also to project partners in the scope of the projects in which she was involved.

Susana now embraced a new professional challenge at EfVET as Policy & Project Officer, which to her is “an opportunity to grow both personally and professionally, to continue working in Erasmus+ programme and to learn more about VET and its policies, hoping to help EfVET to continue its work of contributing for the growth of the sector at European level”.



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