TAFCITY – The Age-Friendly City

Website: www.tafcity.eu

Coordinator: CDEA

Contact Details: Maria Jose Irastorza, CDEA, Paseo de Berio 50, 20018 San Sebastian

Starting / Ending Date: October 2011 – September 2013

What is TAFCIty project all about? By 2050, 22% of the global population will be aged 60 and over. By then, there will be more older people than children, for the first time in human history. More older people are also living in cities. The World Health Organization (WHO) developed an initiative designed to promote the creation of age-friendly environments. A network of ‘Age Friendly Cities’ was created, including San Sebastian in Spain and Maribor in Slovenia (both of whom are partners in this project).

This project will develop a training programme to promote ‘The Age Friendly City’. What is an Age Friendly City? Active ageing is the process of optimising opportunities in many areas, in order to improve the quality of life and recognise and respect older people, to ensure they remain fully integrated in society. In an age-friendly city, many aspects of life, policies and services take into account the requirements of an older population; these enhancements also assist younger people, families and people with disabilities. Eight aspects of city life are covered by the initiative and will be covered in the training programme:

• Outdoor spaces and buildings, transportation and housing
• Respect, social inclusion and participation • Community and health services, employment, communication and information Target Groups
• Current and future workers involved in the tourism and other service sectors
• Local government services for ensuring elderly people remain integrated in society
• Teachers and students involved in the tourism and other service sectors Primary Project Outcomes
• Adaptation of TACTALL (www.tactall.org ) course structures, processes and procedures to create new modular training packages which will integrate into an online environment (VICaDiS) as an area for virtual learning and networking, including the communication and social tools for all users
• Creation of new learning and e-learning content. Piloting and evaluating the training programme
• Investigation of the potential of development of ‘The Age Friendly City’ concept. Skills Objectives
• Understand the meaning of active aging, the needs of elderly people and the services available to them; how to improve the services and state how this may be achieved
• Acquire the ability to interact with different groups of different ages.

The TAFCity project brings together seven partner countries: Spain, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Portugal, Slovenia, Belgium and Romania, transferring innovative learning methodologies aimed at understanding Active Ageing. The project promotes “The Age Friendly City” in partner cities and municipalities.

Email: mjirastorza@cebanc.com

Founding Agency: OAPEE

Norton Radstock College (UK)
Euro-Contact Business School (HU)
Matia Innova (ES)
Uni Timisoara (RO)
Srednja turizem Maribor (SI)

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