Team2Share partners produced Intellectual Output 1

Team2Share partners produced IO1: Training programme for trainers, teachers, and mentors working with low skilled adults

Specialising in developing methods and tools, but also individual coaching and counselling for integrating disadvantaged low-level educated learners into the work life, Blickpunkt Identität (BLICK), our partner from Austria, has been leading the development and implementation of the project’s Intellectual Output No. 1 (IO1), in coordination with our partners from Turkey, EBL Elektronik Bilgi Bilisim ve Mesleki Egitim Hizmetleri (e-BL) and Tüm Avrupa Kadınları Kültürel İşbirliği ve Dayanışma Derneği (TAKKID), while including relevant feedback from the other participants to the Team2Share  project according to their expertise.

As an innovative course provider, BLICK proposed an ingenious pedagogical framework consisting of “team-oriented learning in interactive working groups”, which is based on the principles of “self-organised learning” and ”reproduction of the learning material in its own words deepens the acquired knowledge”. This approach has been fundamental to the development of the training curriculum and content for trainers/teachers/mentors, but also to the creation of the ICT tool – an Android application.

The “Learning through teaching – Training Curriculum and Content” contains all the information regarding the proposed methodology and how to use it to shape 12 courses/modules regarding the basics of learning through teaching and self-organised learning; setting up the curriculum for learning through teaching and Self-organised learning.

Theses 12 courses/modules are currently being translated into the partners’ languages of use.

Android App supporting the interactive use of the Training Curriculum and Content.

For maximum efficiency, the learning material/content is now available for teachers/mentors/trainers in the form of a user-friendly digital App based on Android OS. Since e-BL has considerably strong background and experience in meeting adults’ learning needs through digital solution, they have been in charge of the design and functioning of this state-of-the-art ICT tool, but also of uploading the teaching content online, apart from their work on creating the web portal for the project.

Also, during the design and implementation phase, all partners have been asked to contribute by providing feedback to the translation and validation of the final version of the App, which is a consolidation in the implementation of the Team2Share technique on their trainees.

Therefore, the Team2Share ICT tool, based on the ”team-oriented learning in interactive working groups” methodology, allows the repetition and refreshment of the new knowledge by “low skilled adults” targeted by the project by changing their roles from being a trainee, into being a teacher or trainer in order to increase the acquired knowledge retention volume and improve sustainability.

The Team2Share tool’s method will involve 2 groups of learners who will change their roles after each course they will attend. For example: in the morning group 1 has English language training, group 2 has a module in personality training. In the afternoon, Group 1 teaches Group 2 what they learned during the morning session with the support and supervision of the trainers. This will take a place in different group sizes with different methods by the aid of the flexibility of Team2Share tool’s online teaching/learning/guiding functionalities. The next day the groups will be swapped.


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