Technical training session on stage manufacturing & TPM

Technical training session on next stage manufacturing and TPM

Total productive maintenance (TPM) is an innovative Japanese concept that is important in the manufacturing industries in identifying the success and overall effectiveness of the machine manufacturing process for long term viability of business. This concept of plant maintenance was initiated in 1951 in Japan but today this technique become a backbone of each manufacturing companies to identify the manufacturing losses, machine performance, equipment downtime, unplanned maintenance, fruitless manufacturing costs and drag the organisation business on the track of the continuous improvement.

This technique helps the business owners, plant management, engineers, VET students, industrialist, to gain a competitive advantage in the manufacturing industry but due to rapid technological advances presenting new opportunities to integrate the fourth industrial revolution industry 4.0 with TPM instead of using the conventional concepts of TPM in order to meet the future challenges and to support the implementation of sustainability principles in monitoring of manufacturing systems for maintenance and to identify equipment condition and failures before equipment breakdowns.

In order to upskills the current as well as future labour force, CPPEx GLOBAL in collaboration with JIPM (Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance) arranged a training session on 25 and 26 November 2020 for the VET students as well as industrial professionals to train them on how to implement the new concepts of TPM in the manufacturing sectors to identify machine losses, equipment failure, product life cycle synchronisation with industry 4.0, and integration of the total productive maintenance with the industrial fourth revolution or industry 4.0 concepts. This training session was based on two days and participants had fantastic and interactive discussion based on case studies, group discussion, brain storming, questions and answers session.

This course emphasised on the new scope of TPM activities, TPM pillars, role of TPM in today’s Compelling business need operational loss intelligence driven model, performance control system and new smarter concepts for equipment diagnosis: How to link performance to organisation? How to build organisation capability & loss driven methodologies/pillar? How to evolve into a Learning Organisation, strengthening dynamic capability with emerging technologies, end to end TPM synchronisation? How to achieve supply chain balance? How to implement new TPM methodologies with digital transformation’, TPM as a resource for value, essential in data analysis and keys for elements for TPM success, Effects and issues of using IoT to visualise losses, equipment management, equipment failure analysis, TPM with Digital Transformation- the way to establish dynamic capability in uncertainties and emerging challenges.

More than 50 participants joined this online training session across different fields including vocational students, engineers, managers, operators, middle management and top management from dairy, foods, paper, metals, glass, packaging, chemicals sectors based on South America, Europe, South Asia, Middle East, and Australia.

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