TECHSenior Populations around the world are rapidly ageing. Economic development, improved lifestyles, advances in healthcare and medicine, including reduced infant mortality, have resulted in a continuous increase in life expectancy across Europe during the last century. This process has been going on for longer in Europe than in most other parts of the world, placing the EU-28 among the world leaders for life expectancy. According to Eurostat, life expectancy at birth in the EU-28 was estimated at 80.6 years in 2013. This project will develop a training program based on the concept of ͞Independent living͟that will make more old people able to live a more autonomous life. According to Wikipedia, Independent living is a philosophy, a way of looking at disability and society, and a worldwide movement of people with disabilities working for self-determination, self-respect and equal opportunities. In the context of elder care, Independent Living is not only related to health care, but also to the capability they have to cope with their daily needs as much as possible and more easily and independently. In modern times, such concept is highly associated with the use of PCs or smartphones and, therefore, internet as the one of the best way to fulfil their needs. The biggest problem is most of the elderly do not know how to use Internet and general IT. TECHSenior they will create educational and training programs in the form of blended learning, where the elderly will be able to acquire basic handling skills of electronic devices and software. Thus, seniors can make their everyday transactions, their diagnostic tests and plan their participation in social events or holidays. Such programs can be used in VET education, training, adult lifelong learning and by volunteers. Indeed, following the teacher training, 2 courses will be developed:

  1. It will involve human elements of teaching and training, using methods to engage older persons.
  2. E-learning program as a reference which will provide ongoing support.

Coordinatior: Sosu Aarhus, DK


Aarhus Kommune, DK
Centro de Formacion de Adminnistracion y Hosteleria S.L, CDEA, SP
Errotu Taldea S.L.P, SP
AgeUK Bath & North East Somerset, UK
p-consulting,gr, GR

Duration: 1.10.2016 – 30.09.2018

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