The corona virus is not stopping the Esprominho school!

The corona virus is not stopping the Esprominho school!

Recently, five former Esprominho students were chosen for an international internship as part of the Go Up with Erasmus+ project in Lugo – Spain, lasting 3 months (2020-12-05 until 2021-03-07).

Esprominho is a Portuguese school that provides students a promising future, guaranteeing them access to new skills and international internships in their areas. We believe that even during this pandemic caused by the Corona Virus worldwide, if we have the proper safety and hygienic care, it is possible to maintain our international internships. Therefore, we have reinvented and adjusted our international projects. In this sense we present our Go Up Project, through which we have recently sent 5 former students from our school to train in Lugo-Spain, for 3 months.

They are loving their internships and claim to be growing professionally and personally. This group is composed by Inês Fontes, Catarina Miranda, and André Lima doing an internship in the area of Massage and Beauty, where they have developed massage techniques, auriculotherapy, physical strength and patience. Inês and Catarina are doing their internship at the Ikigai, a Holistic Center that works with Massage, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Reiki, Tameana and Gemmotherapy. André is training at Fisiolife, a centre for Physiotherapy and Manual Therapies. In the area of Fashion Design, we have Iara Teixeira and Luísa Silva doing their training, where they have improved their sewing, cutting, moulding and drawing techniques. Iara is doing her internship Montse Arias – Diseñadora, an atelier, by the designer Montse Arias, with small ready-to-wear collections or more personal custom-made designs. And Luísa is working with Hormiga Costura, S.L, a company dedicated to the confection of clothing. The group is also taking a Spanish language course so that the language is not an impediment to learning it!


The Go Up! New Skills and an Adventurous Journey Project is a project of the Esprominho European Club, in active partnership with the Erasmus+ project No. 2018-PT01-KA116/047021. The objectives of Go Up! are to improve the teaching staff professional skills, increase the number trainees with fewer opportunities participating in international mobility, improve the quality of projects we undertake as well as their dissemination, foster entrepreneurship in students, imbue them with autonomy, increase their motivation, responsibility, teamwork, money management, encourage students and school staff to take part in international and intercultural activities.

The Covid is all over the world, but it cannot be in the desire to grow. These young people have preferred, while maintaining all security procedures, to risk and improve their curriculum for a better future. Esprominho is already preparing a second flow of ex-students. Between 13 March and 13 June 2021, a new group of students will leave for an internship in Lugo, Spain!

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