The fifth meeting of INNOVET: TT best practices sessions’ organisation

The fifth meeting of INNOVET: Thematic Team best practices sessions’ organisation

The fifth meeting of the INNOVET project was held online on 17th of May 2021 and had as main objectives the planning of the Thematic Team event in June, more specifically the part related with the afternoon sessions, i.e. the exchange of best practices.

The best practices for the presentation at the event will be up to 12 and they will be related to Internationlisation@home and VET 4.0 across different sectors.

The partners took the time to review the state of play regarding the collection of best practices and dedicate some time also to the overview of the different proposals. Different organisations, within and outside the partnership, will present their best practices which will hopefully represent a good record for the future.

More technical and logistic aspects of the afternoon sessions were planned, in particular regarding the structure of the presentations and guidelines for their creation, as well as the structure of the sessions and the moderators.

The meeting was very productive, and we are very much looking forward to launching the event live with as many participants as possible! So, if you have not registered please do it until the 21st of May using this form!


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