The 5th meeting of VET IN 3D: work of the subgroups & 1st seminar organisation

The fifth meeting of VET IN 3D: work of the subgroups and first seminar organisation

The fifth meeting of the VET IN 3D project was held online on 12th of May 2021 and it was mainly focused on the work done so far by the subgroups Entrepreneurship, TEL, Social inclusion in identifying their good practices and a discussion on the organisation of the first seminar in the framework of the project.

In this context for the Entrepreneurship subgroup Paolo Nardi from Cometa reported that two priorities were identified:

  • Skills & curriculum: What do learners have to learn?
  • Methods & Tools based on reality-based learning: How do learners learn best?

TEL subgroup work was presented by Fernanda Torres from INETE. In the two areas the focus was given respectively to:

Skills & VET curricula for digital transformation:

  • Trainers skills development for using digital tech for classroom teaching and supporting home learning
  • Learners skills development for using digital tech for classroom and home learning (different type of learning: team learning, collaborative learning, problem-based learning work-based learning)

Methods & tools for digital transformation:

  • Developing and Implementing digital strategy in VET providers (based on SELFIE and DigCompEdu)
  • From “teaching organisation” to “learning organisation”

The Social inclusion subgroup with Alfredo Garmendia from San Viator as a reporter looked at some priorities in the area of skills & VET curricula and methods & tools. For the first kind of priority the focus will be on Trainers skills (technical, emotional and soft) for training people with fewer opportunities. For the second priority: Personal support to learners with fewer opportunities, Methods for personalization, Provision of training programmes adapted to the needs of people with fewer opportunities.

The first seminar in the framework of VET IN 3D will take place from the 28th till the 30th the of September 2021 and will focus on exchanging practices on the three dimensions of excellence in VET: Entrepreneurship education, Social Inclusion and TEL, possibly applied in the tourism sector given its importance for the European economy and the need to be re-launched after the Covid-19 outbreak.


  1. To exchange practices on the three dimensions of VET excellence (Entrepreneurship education, Social Inclusion and TEL) contextualised in the field of tourism education.
  2. To set up working groups of practitioners for the development of innovation in VET
  3. To test the prototype of a one-stop-shop conference described in the “project description” section


The partners will build a programme starting from the following activities: exchange of good practices in a plenary session, experts lectures, working group discussion to deepen the themes, project groups, and study visits.


They coincide with the results expected from implementing a one-stop-shop conference, that is to say:

– Improved teaching competences of professionals working in VET;
– Raised awareness on the innovative approach adopted related to the three dimensions of VET in the field of tourism;
– Increased knowledge of VET systems in other countries;
– Increased networking capacity of the staff participating in this event;
– New ideas for innovative practices developed thanks to the exchange;
– New project proposals.

In the next meeting the programme will be further defined.


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