The Green Guest project awarded Good Practice by the national Erasmus+ agency of France

The Green Guest project awarded Good Practice by the national Erasmus+ agency of France.

Green Guest, led by the GIP-FCIP de Normandie, and of which our member Kuressaare Ametikool from Estonia is a partner, is an Erasmus + project of the hotel industry which strives to connect, by a global approach, environmental, professional and training issues, including through professional situations (learning).

This project brings together vocational high schools, a university, restaurant and hotel associations, adult training centers, a non-governmental organisation and a digital marketing company from five European countries: Poland, Italy, Estonia, Hungary, and France.

Green Guest’s ambition is to act on the three aspects of sustainable development in the hotel sector: social, environmental and economic by developing specific activities through vocational education and training. Two main objectives motivated the creation of tools:

– Develop sustainable practices in the profession by training and upgrading the skills of the current and future workforce by promoting learning through professional situations.

– Promote jobs in the hotel sector which suffer from a bad image and motivate individuals to go to this profession (using sustainable development as a lever and motivation to integrate this professional sector).

To respond to this, consortium members have created and made available a number of tools for trainers. They are grouped and their uses detailed in an educational guide (link is external). The guide constitutes a standard pedagogical basis, making it possible to deal with the themes of sustainable development and achieve the objectives of the hotel industry in this area. It aims to support trainers and tutors throughout the training. It also aims to help trainees and other learning staff (levels 3 and 4 of the European qualifications framework), by offering them the opportunity to better understand the aspects linked to sustainable development. The guide conforms to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) with an emphasis on knowledge, skills and competences.

The Green Guest training process is based on various learning methods, including online training, face-to-face training, job-based training. The consortium therefore worked on the creation of training tools related to these methods: Serious game “online the quest for an intern in matters of sustainable development in an ideal establishment – the” GREEN HOTEL “.

The serious game is an essential element of this training process. The learner is Marco Greenhope. He wants to get an internship in a truly ecological hotel. Clara, the hotel owner, will check to see if Marco is as interested and enthusiastic about the topic of sustainable development as he claims to be. At the start of the visit, she will ask him a few questions about the general principles of sustainable development. Thereafter, he will be authorized to visit the various services of the hotel: the kitchen, the rooms, the garden, the spa, the entrance hall.

· Eight case studies offering training activities based on eight European establishments – in Estonia, France, Hungary and Italy – all actively engaged in sustainable development.

· Reference documents for internship and company visit reports related to sustainable Development.

· Instructions for implementing a “green challenge”. It is a training activity (of the “competition” type) which puts learners in a practical situation and in competition in order to apply the precepts of sustainable development in the kitchen and in the dining room.

· A video animation; The purpose of this video animation is to promote the involvement of the hotel industry in a sustainable development approach by showing that more and more players in the sector are involved in a green approach taking climate issues into account. He explains the reasons for such an approach, the next steps to take to go further and what are the benefits for businesses and customers.

Would you like to know more or to use the training material? Check the WEB –

Author of the article: Nadine Norgeot-Veron /EU project manager – GIP-FCIP de Normandie (Rouen).


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