The IntervetWB Team visited secondary schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The IntervetWB Team visited secondary schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In the last week of May,  Lucilla Morelli from Uniser, Mirsada Mehremic  and Sibela Besirevic from IUS visited secondary technical schools in several cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The visit to the secondary mixed school in Gracanica, a town in  north-east of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was on the day when the senior students who finished schools  were preparing for the city graduation parade and the graduation party… the day full of excitements.

Hairdressing students prepared a hairstyle show for us and the teachers and students of their school.
The aspiring medical professionals demonstrated their expertise to us by taking our colleague Lucill’s blood pressure.
Lucilla Morelli presented the IntervetWB project and  previous project participants Kenan Junuzovic, Belmina Hasic and Amina Karic took part in this presentation.
The students who were chosen for mobility in Seville heard about their experiences from them. Professor Nadina Djulic contrasted the BH traditional system with the VET system and presented it during our visit.

The high school of Geodesy and Civil Engineering in Sarajevo was the next institution we went to see. Asmir Demir, the school’s director, and his staff members took us around the workshops where practical instruction in craft and construction work is conducted. These workshops include practical work for masonry work, ceramics, carpentry, facade work, etc.

Mixed high school Hadzici also showed a warm welcome and interest in participating in the IntervetWB project. We spoke with director Selver Ejubovic and professors Stanislava Matic and Lejla Telarevic and learned about the history and achievement of this school.
We met future skilled carpenters and hairdressers during our tour to the school’s workshops for practical classes, and the culinary students prepared a pizza for our Italian guest Lucilla.
Dissemination of the IntervetWB initiative in schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina brought us a better understanding of vocational education, strengthening networking and building better business relationships.

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