The IO1 “Analysis Report” of the Digital Balance project has been published

The IO1 “Analysis Report” of the Digital Balance project has been published

The main project objective of this report is to produce new resources that enable the integration of policy and practice to support teachers’ digital well-being and encourage proactive behaviour at a personal level.

As part of the above resources, the present Digital Balance Analysis Report is a research, analysis and publication that presents and analyses the digital wellbeing challenges experienced by VET teachers and VET managers/ heads of department as part of the current broader digital transition.

Therefore, the objective of the report is to raise awareness of the importance of achieving a balance between digital-first teaching and the well-being of teachers who have been rapidly exposed to risks to their physical and psychological health that they have not had to deal with in the past. The resource is aimed at VET managers and heads of departments, many of whom are often active teachers themselves. It will also be shared with stakeholders, especially policymakers in adult education. The goal is to update their knowledge regarding achieving a digital balance in the VET workplace and why it must be acted upon.

The report responds to the following needs of our target group: – Low level of awareness about digital wellbeing in general and as a component of digital competencies – High level of interest but low level of preparedness to assist teachers in safeguarding a digital balance in their working lives. For these reasons, the Digital Balance Analysis Report will be an engaging introduction to the meaning, scope, and application of digital wellbeing in education and general, and specifically in VET (Digital Balance EU, 2021).



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