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The Like Home Project management meeting took place at the department of Psychology of the University of Bologna on the 13th of June 2018. All the partners were present and contributed to the discussion on the status of the project implementation. A fruitful debate took place on the way forward for the upcoming activities. A special emphasis was placed on looking for strategies to further disseminate the project at national and European level.

The LikeHome project addresses the needs of two specific target groups: Newly arrived migrant and Refugees

Taking into account that around 25 million persons born in a third country are currently living in the European Union, representing 5% of its total population. Integrating immigrants is a fundamental and active process. LikeHome – Assessing and recognizing the prior learning of migrants. Bridging the gap and paving the road to educational and social integration- objective is to foster the inclusion of newly arrived migrants and refugees to the host country education and training system, to the local economy and to the society in general.

The LikeHome project Portal is almost ready to be launched. The LikeHome Portal connects all e-tools, which assist newly arrived migrants or refugees as well as host countries in the assessment of prior learning levels of migrants. It includes:

An E-portfolio
The LikeHome e-portfolio is a profile sharing network on the basis of an online-portfolio software (Mahara). You are able to upload a picture, your CV and your personal profile. The LikeHome e-porfolio is directly connected to the LikeHome e-assessment, therefore it is also possible to upload your LikeHome record of achievement, which you generated by completing the online-tests (e-assessment) on your portfolio.

An E-assessment tool
The LikeHome e-assessment enables you to assess your skills in an online test based on self-reflection. In the course of the project the LikeHome team defined the most important skills related to a successful integration in the labour market of your host country. The following eight areas have been identified. After completing the activities you will get the LikeHome record of achievement, which is a pdf document that illustrates your skill level in the fields below.

  1. Literacy Skills
  2. Willingness to learn
  3. Language Skills
  4. Digital Skills
  5. Creativity
  6. Sense of Initiative
  7. Cultural Awareness

A Country education profiles database
The LikeHome country educational profiles database allows you to find and compare information regarding the education, training and certification system of different counties. In this way, it is also possible to understand the educational levels of all titles offered by the different orgnisations. It also includes contact information about several educational organisations. Information included in the database covers the following countries:

  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Syria
  • Albania

Following the launch of LikeHome Portal, WP5:  Train-the-trainer seminars and pilot testing of the Like Home strategy and tools in the participating countries database, will be developed.

1. Organise train-the-trainer seminars in all target countries for explaining the Like Home framework
2. Organise training seminars for government/regional officers and qualification assessment bodies in all target countries
3. Pilot testing of the framework approach in all target countries
4. Test all developed e-tools with the help of grass-root level users (migrants) and other stakeholders

All the seven best practices selected will be presented through train-the-trainers seminars in the target countries.

Trainers that will follow the seminars will also get a certification and will act as knowledge multipliers, in order to transfer the knowledge and assist in the uptake of the Like Home framework and tools.

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