The main result of WELDONE project: Training of Trainers curriculum

The main result of WELDONE project: the Training of Trainers (or ToT) curriculum

WELDONE – Boosting Innovation in Welding Training, is an Erasmus+ funded project (2019 – 2022) coordinated by #STRUKA, aiming for the capacitation of teachers and trainers from EWF Qualification System and educators from STEM fields to deliver technical training using innovative pedagogical approaches and embedding the development of key competences in technical training, as part of their professional development.

The main result of WELDONE project is the Training of Trainers (or ToT) curriculum, which design and development is rooted on a modular approach. It is structured in Competence Units (or CUs) organized in Learning Outcomes (or LOs), written in terms of knowledge and skills to be developed by the participants of the ToT course, aligned with a specific European Qualification Framework level – 4 or 5, depending on the expected previous knowledge of teachers, trainers, educators on the topics addressed in the CUs.

Each CU (which can be collectively or individually implemented and evaluated, according to the needs of its target audience) addresses the use of innovative pedagogical approaches such as Problem-Based Learning (PBL) assignments, digital resources, social media and games in training, and the development of key competences such as entrepreneurship, personal, social and learning to learn competences.

These are the CUs that comprise WELDONE ToT curriculum:

Table 1 List of CUs of WELDONE ToT Curriculum and the EQF levels addressed by each CU
ToT Curriculum CUs EQF level addressed by the CU
CU 1 – Multiple intelligences and learning styles EQF 4
CU2 – Learner Centred didactics: Problem based learning, Critical thinking and Collaborative learning EQF 5
CU3 – Gamification EQF 5
CU4 – Digital competences and using digital resources EQF 4
CU5 – New media didactics: the use of social media and micro-learning EQF 5
CU6 – Personal, social and learning competences EQF 4
CU7 – Entrepreneurship competence EQF 4

By successfully accomplishing the ToT course, teachers and trainers from EWF Qualification System and educators from STEM fields will be able to use those innovative approaches, and foster the acquisition of those key competences, with their own learners, which will be an added value for their success as future professionals and European citizens, able to think critically and to work collaboratively.

WELDONE also focuses on the design and development of innovative exercises and assessment tools to be used during the implementation of the ToT course. The recommended methodology for implementation is the Workshop Model, which reduces teaching and increases learning time, thus allowing participants to have an active role in their own learning process.

A Conceptual Handbook comprised of innovative essays on the suggested methodologies and targeted key competences, training delivery, best practices and use of alternative approaches in training in welding and related technologies and in STEM fields is available on WELDONE website for consultation and download, in the languages of the Partnership (EN, GR, HR, HU, PT and RO:

WELDONE project implementation will be concluded by May 1st, 2022. Until then, partners will be focusing on closing the ToT Curriculum and the resources for its implementation (i.e., exercises, assessment tools and a policy recommendation document for the implementation of the ToT course within EWF Qualification System), and on the realization of National Outreach Seminars in which the project’s results will be presented and some of the ToT CUs will be implemented for piloting.

More information about WELDONE and its activities available at:

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