The network of Basque TVET centres' solidarity response to COVID-19

The network of Basque TVET centres’ solidarity response to COVID-19

COVID-19 is a global pandemic that has been spreading fast and changing the way we relate to work, family and friends. With the aim of mitigating the growth of the infection, most of the governments have imposed severe isolation measures to industries and citizens.
In the Basque Country, the Extraordinary Governing Council held on 13 March 2020 signed the “Declaration of Health Alert or Emergency” and approved the “Basque Civil Protection Plan”. So, an alert stated was declared and, with the aim of ensuring health and safety for the Basque citizens, movements were restricted, schools, as well as bars, pubs, and restaurants were closed, and many more similar measures were adopted.
Apart from the general health risk, the COVID-19 crisis, if we may call it so, has provoked a worrying shortage of critical medical equipment, such as protective facial screens for doctors and nurses.
Aware of the need of contributing by all means to the fight against the new virus, the Vice Ministry of Vocational Education and Training of the Department of Education of the Basque Government started to use the technical knowledge and technology of the Basque TVET centres to start producing protective gear for the Basque Healthcare system.

46 Basque TVET colleges are producing two different types of facial screens making use of their knowledge and technology in the fields of paperwork, different materials and 3D printers. VIDEO.
On the one hand, a major consequence of the initiative is that, thanks to it, the shortage of medical equipment will be decreased and, therefore, doctors will be able to give better treatment to those who are suffering.
On the other hand, the initiative is a perfect example of how, once more, TVET has shown to be a key element of social well-being in a country. Furthermore, the initiative could be a source of inspiration to those who are facing similar situations.

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