The project ” How to excel in sustainability and diversity within vocational education” presents its results

The project consortium has worked for the last two years in the study, analysis and improvement of the sustainability and diversity practices available in their VET centres.

Mediterraneo Culinary Center (Spain), together with the VET schools MIRAS VET (Belgium) and ENAIP (Italy), and the organisation Katholiek Onderwijs Vlaanderen (Belgium), has been working for the last two years in the project “How to excel in sustainability and diversity within vocational education”. The main aim of the project was to analyse the current efforts carried out by VET centres within the gastronomy sector in introducing sustainability and diversity in their curricula, but also in the daily activities and infrastructure of the centres.

To achieve this aim, the consortium adapted an instrument created by the Belgian Government to measure the diversity and sustainability levels of an organisation. The adapted instrument was tried out in the MIRAS VET, ENAIP and MCC with a group of students, a group of trainers and a group of managers, in an activity called “scan”. The scan was performed twice by each VET centre, once in the middle of the project, and once at the end. The objective was to compare the information collected in said scan, analysing whether the new initiatives introduced in each centre were useful to improve the opinion of the target group regarding the integration of sustainability and diversity factors in the organisation. The participation in the project has led all VET centres to generate a series of Best Practices, which have been put together in a manual that will soon be available in all consortium languages. Furthermore, a Handbook with specific instructions in the use of the Instrument has been developed, with the aim of assisting other VET centres in Europe to measure their sustainability and diversity levels. The Handbook will also be available in all consortium languages.




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