A changing world requires a change in education. What used to work well some years ago, may not work anymore as new generations are coming. Wednesday, 28th February we had the pleasure to attend the online Masterclass ” The Teacher Who Never Stops Learning” inside the Tourism Thematic Team where Hayo van der Kamp and Tom Schurink from Landstede has presented a  7 steps journey of student-based observation research in order to improve the lectures.

The observation methodology is based on analyze how students react when a topic is presented in the classroom. After a previous work of organising the team, setting a goal of what it is going to be investigated, the intervention is done inside the classroom with the help of another colleague(s) and it is shared with the students to know why they are doing this research and the objectives it has. Even 3-4 students could be part of the working team of the observation research. After the results are analyzed to check which changes should be done to improve the lecture and adjust the lesson.

It was so inspiring and interesting, and we hope teacher could apply this methodology in their classrooms as well. Thank you so much Landstede!

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