The third Hydroponic learning event in Roskilde, Denmark

The third Hydroponic learning event in Roskilde, Denmark 

The third of Hydroponics learning event took place in Roskilde (DK) from 19th to 23rd of September 2022 and was focused on hydroponic farming and entrepreneurship.

The first day of the event the Hydroponic partners were welcomed by Roskilde Tekniske Skole who presented the Danish school system after a short tour at Vilvorde campus and greenhouses.

In the afternoon we had a presentation about Hydroponic production of medical cannabis. The Tetra-Pharma is engaged in the development of an advanced and growing of cannabis derived medicines. Also, it is committed to investigate new drug formulations, conduct clinical trials and commercialise medicines targeting the endocannabinoid system.

On the following day we had a workshop where we were divided in 4 groups related to four topics. Also, we discussed the plan of the ongoing project and shared new ideas.

In the afternoon we visited the Nordic Harvest. The founder Mr Anders Riemann presented the production and the vision of the company whose team includes PHDs in nutrition, water and biology, cooks, technicians, and computer scientists, who all share the passion for sustainable, fresh greens that taste much better. Their food production is their biggest climate challenge. They use almost all of their fertile land for agriculture and create a real sustainable transition doing it on market terms and without taking the consumer hostage to quality.

The last day we visited a Refarmed Søborg, a smart green technology that creates greener future. They build and operate farms where the food is sold and consumed. That way they eliminate distribution, packaging, and food waste.

After we went to NABO Farm, where we met Co-Founder Mr Sebastian Dragelykke. NABO is a sustainable production that uses the method of the hydroponics and is typical used by free-range climatologists in the food sector. The Hydroponics and modern grow lights, with a combination of modern software and good old-fashioned craftsmanship, can grow large quantities of healthy and tasty greens on a very small area. Completely without soil, pesticides and sunlight. Producer of herbs and leafy greens in urban farms intended to improve quality. NABO FARM does this with a technique that makes the plants grow three times as fast as normal, and which minimizes water consumption by up to 90%.

Watch the video here:  

Thank you to Roskilde Tekniske Skole for organising this very interesting 3rd learning event in Roskilde, Denmark. The next learning event will be hosted by TKNIKA in San Sebastian, Spain.



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