The third meeting of the Digital Tourism project held online

The third meeting of the Digital Tourism project held online

The third meeting regarding the Digital Tourism project was initially planned to take place in The Netherlands, hosted by our project partner Stichting Dutch Foundation of Innovation Welfare 2 Work. However, due to Covid-19, the two-day meeting was held online on the 25th and 26th March 2020.

The main objective of Digital Tourism project is to provide professional knowledge and skills targeting promotional and marketing strategies based on IT (e-tourism), as digital services raises companies’ profile on generating economic development. The most important impacts are an increased labour mobility among recent graduates, as well as an increased level of online tourism promotion and interactivity within B2B and B2C in Tourism sector.

The meeting was moderated by Sérgio Fernandes from Insignare as coordinator of the project introducing the project’s latest developments. Sérgio also presented the progress in the Work Package 1, then Intermediate Report conclusions and financial and administrative requirements for the second year were discussed among the partners.

In the second part of the day, the partners mainly discussed Work Package 3 – deliverable 1 (Profile of the DT technician) and deliverable 2 (Curricula of the DT technician) and validated Authorities’ suggestions. This discussion was followed by the Work Package 4 –WBL period (I), introduced by Pieter van Schie, from DFIW2W. In particular, many aspects of the Assessment standards; of the work-based learning assessment needs; the approved WBL characteristics and assessment process; and of the experimentation tests, were validated by the partnership.

The second day started with the second part of Pieter’s presentation about other aspect of Work Package 4 – WBL period (II). This part was about validating the effectiveness of DT qualification in terms of employability or meeting client satisfaction and satisfaction of students and companies; WBL skills assessment protocol Requirements; and discussing DTQ Validation Committee first results.

Luca Pagliaricci, from EGINA introduced then the Work Package 5 by presenting D5 and D6 internal and external reviews’ results, followed by Valentina Chanina and Vittoria Valentina Di Gennaro from EfVET, respectively about presenting Dissemination suggestions for the second year, according to the Dissemination Plan, and gathering Dissemination information for the Digital Tourism Newsletter. Moreover, EfVET presented the main dissemination activities of the projects since the last meeting.

The meeting was concluded by Sérgio and by Marijo Irastorza, from CDEA, who presented the progress required before the next meeting in Spain, and other key topics for discussion. Final comments were made for the next meeting dates and the circumstances produced by the Covid-19 which may affect the next meeting.

For more information about the project visit its website and the Facebook page.

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