The VET IN 3D 3rd meeting on quality criteria, priority map & website

The third meeting of VET IN 3D focused on quality criteria, priority map and website 

The third meeting of the VET IN 3D project was held on 15th of March 2021 in a virtual format  with the presence of all partners’ representatives. 

After the welcoming of the participants and a brief introduction of the agenda, a project general update was provided: this session was related to the Admin, Dissemination, and Quality part. Concerning the dissemination, the project website was presented and feedback from partners were asked also in view of the construction of a platform for eventual events in virtual format. In addition, a review of the risk management strategy  was presented  and discussed with following result validation. 

The second part of the meeting was dedicated to the Thematic Seminars Development and in particular to the first training event roadmap working activity. Currently the first thematic seminar is planned to take place in September. 

Within VET in 3D the following quality criteria have been identified and will be further developed:  

  • TRANSFERABILITY of a good practice is defined as the degree to which a good practice can easily be transposed and used in other contexts. At system level it refers to how a policy or good practice can be transferred from one EU country or region to another and which parameters should be taken into account. At the organisational level it refers to how a policy or good practice can be transferred from one type of organisation or sector to another. 
  • FLEXIBILITY of a good practice refers to the capability of versatility and adaptability of the techniques used in different contexts with regards to its preparation, implementation, and monitoring processes.  
  • RESULTS in a good practice refers to demonstrable and tangible evidence of the achievements. This criteria might include the description of the methodology and indicators used for the identification and assessment of the good practice. 
  • IMPACT is defined as the broader changes that occur in the medium/long run at the different levels (community/ organisation/ society/ environment) as a result of good practice outcomes. 
  • ECOSYSTEMIC APPROACH is defined as the degree of the stakeholders involvement (staff, learners, companies etc…) 
  • INNOVATION referred to a good practice can encompass the entire process, which ultimately results in the provision of new methodologies, models and products, and/or the achievement of the same goals but in a more efficient way. It includes the processes whereby new ideas are generated, proved and adjusted through prototype work, integrated with existing products and processes, tested and fully delivered.  
  • ENABLING FACTORS are meant as those elements that contribute to the success of the practices 
  • ADDED VALUE of a practice refers to the elements that positively distinguish it from others.  
  • CHALLENGES refers to the needs that good practice aims to satisfy. 

Following a first brainstorming working session, partners agreed on a common definition of the quality criteria that suits the purposes and prioritised the Quality Criteria in order of importance. During the meeting this part was validated, delivered to partners and next steps were identified.

A session dedicated to the Priority Map followed: this was mostly focused on the working group definition, deadlines and next steps working groups; selection of the spokesman/responsible person for each working group.

The next meeting will be held in April.


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